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We are excited to introduce eFIT at Home, set to launch on December 1st, aimed to provide Functional Individualized Therapy (FIT) to seniors enabling them to live independently within the comfort of their homes.

The senior wellness space has been evolving as more seniors prefer to age in place, leading to an increased need for resources to allow them to achieve this. When setting out on our redesign of senior wellness, our “why” was the easy part – from there, the development of eFIT at Home began, and we set out to create a program that meets our seniors where they are.

Assisting our seniors in successfully aging in place.

As a reputable contract therapy provider, senior wellness and serving our seniors has always been our top priority. The evolving nature of the senior wellness industry led us to evaluate our model and figure out how we continue to serve this population best. As our seniors plan for their futures, we want to ensure they have a familiar face to follow them on their journey and ensure their best interests as they make decisions about their care.

Forming relationships with patients across the continuum of care.

The term “aging in place” has expanded from simply meaning keeping older adults in their own homes to promoting a state of independence that allows seniors to live as independently as possible in an appropriate level of housing. This shift has shown in recent studies that seniors, with the proper support and resources, can achieve an overall better level of health while reducing the overall cost of extended care stays. We aim to be a resource to our seniors, allowing for a delivery model that focuses on care to be provided in the home, independent living facility, assisted living facility, and other environments that our seniors may call home. 

Becoming the provider of choice to support their desire to remain at home.

The trust established within the relationships forged across the continuum will allow us to understand our seniors’ desires to remain in their home-like environment. We are accustomed to doing so in our current settings, but with eFIT at Home, we take this to the next level as we seek to further understand their goals, purpose, and support networks regarding their wishes for long-term life planning. This deeper understanding will allow us to make appropriate recommendations and suggestions to facilitate successful aging in place, ultimately becoming a provider of choice in this space that seeks to support our seniors where they are.

Bridging the gap in the continuum to provide a proactive approach to wellness.

A lack of resources has been identified as a barrier to successful aging in place, and attempts to remedy the issue continue as seniors opt out of stays in institutional settings, a trend highlighted more post the COVID-19 pandemic. While many options seek to provide an immediate alternate option from a skilled nursing stay, we still see a gap in the continuum. Current resources don’t offer a great long-term option to promoting wellness and overall health, not allowing providers to take a more proactive approach and avoid the cyclical pattern of hospital stays. We aim to bridge the current gap in that cycle to allow for service provision beyond a skilled home care stay. We will be regularly involved in our seniors’ care to allow for early identification of trends to potentially prevent a more serious episode of care. 

With a mind, body, purpose approach aimed to improve each patient’s health from a holistic perspective.

Our aim is to offer residents hope through a personalized understanding of their mind, body, and purpose with resident-driven care to improve their overall wellness. Our foundation is that we must care for the whole person: mentally, physically, and spiritually. This whole-body approach will allow us to evaluate their goal to remain at home independently and comfortably and for us to promote the achievement of that goal.

Live Independently

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